Exclusive SurveyUSA Market Research on the Dallas Media Market and Dallas TV News Talent, Now Available To Agents, Station Managers and Advertisers

- 02/21/13 07:00 AM

SurveyUSA releases for the first time an unprecedented, in-depth look at the TV media landscape in media Market #5, Dallas.

This is not stale, generic, national research pulled out of some book, with limited and dated relevance to the Dallas market. This is 2,063 PDF pages of fresh, local, detailed research on the Dallas media landscape, conducted February 2013, with insight nowhere else found on the Dallas media market and the talent that drives it.

Which of the following stations has the best local newscast, and which has the worst?

  • KDFW-TV, channel 4, the Fox affiliate, which goes by Fox 4 News.
  • KXAS-TV, channel 5, the NBC affiliate, which goes by NBC 5 News.
  • WFAA-TV, channel 8, the ABC affiliate, which goes by News 8.
  • KTVT-TV, channel 11, the CBS affiliate, which goes by CBS 11 News.

Which areas are the stations in 2nd and 3rd place strongest in? Where is there opportunity for them to catch the #1 station?

SurveyUSA, America’s Pollster, interviewed a total of 1,000 Dallas DMA adults, including 513 respondents who watch local TV news almost every day, and another 487 who do not watch local TV news.  SurveyUSA gathered both  quantitative and qualitative data.

SurveyUSA talked to your viewers. SurveyUSA listened to what they told us. Here’s a sample:

  • “That new weather girl looks terrible. Her clothes don’t fit. She’s wearing them too tight.”
  • “I hate it when you guys break into a regularly scheduled program and repeat the same thing over and over and over again.”
  • “Dale Hansen is a snob.”
  • “I wish that Heather Hays would not be biased.”
  • “We don’t need no pretty boys on the local sports.”
  • “Delkus comes across as hysterical.”
  • “I don’t want to see any Hollywood garbage.”
  • “Of the 22-minute newscast, 18 minutes is about Dallas. Forget about Dallas.”
  • “Clarice is over the hill.”
  • “I love Channel 33′s Top 5 Countdown.”
  • “Get rid of Hansen. He’s an idiot.”
  • “Reinstate Jane McGarry.”

You can listen to SurveyUSA’s exclusive real-time focus group right here. Dozens of sound-bites have been edited into a 15-minute reel.

Just press the orange arrow, below, to hear your viewers in their own voices. It will be the best 15 minutes you spend today:

This real-time focus group would cost many thousands of dollars to put together if you were to try to do it yourself.  SurveyUSA has done it for you.

We are pleased to make these quantitative and qualitative research findings available to the stakeholders most affected by it:

  • General Managers
  • News Directors
  • Anchors
  • On-Air Reporters
  • Talent Agents
  • Group Heads
  • Research Directors
  • Promotion Directors
  • Program Directors
  • Advertisers

Whether you’re a news director worried about slipping ratings, an agent trying to shop a client, an anchor trying to figure out if it’s time to jump to a PR gig, an advertiser wondering which station is really the best place to spend your dollars, or just an interested news junkie, there’s something here for you.

62 pointed questions, with fully crosstabbed results, giving you data on:

  • How the #1-rated newscast attracts the least educated and least affluent viewers.
  • Why Belo’s WFAA-TV, under ND Carolyn Mungo and GM Mike Devlin, is seen as having the market’s best weather and the best sports.
  • Why Fox’s KDFW-TV, under ND Robin Whitmeyer and GM Kathy Saunders, does better with men than women.
  • How CBS’s KTVT-TV, run by ND Adrienne Roark and GM Gary Schneider, does particularly well with Hispanics.
  • How women are attracted to NBCUniversal’s KXAS-TV, run by ND Susan Tully and GM Tom Ehlmann.
  • Is the most popular on-air talent in Dallas the 10 pm team of Campos, McCaa, Delkus, and Hansen? Or does that team alienate as many as it attracts?
  • Which station has the best website?
  • Which station is in front when it comes to connecting with viewers using social media?
  • Exactly what features regular news viewers would want to see if they could design their own perfect newscast.
  • What’s turning off non-viewers.
  • Which station is #1 by a nearly 2:1 margin among standard-definition viewers … but by a single percentage point among high-def viewers.
  • Which station is seen as having Dallas’s worst newscast (at least: by all the educated and affluent viewers) — and how it’s possible for one station to be both the best and the worst in a given market.

Every major on-air talent in the Dallas media market is analyzed. Not only is each talent rated relative to his/her competitors, but the ratings for each talent are broken down by:

  • Gender
  • Age
  • Race
  • Education
  • Income

A complete, in-depth comparison of the relative strengths and weaknesses of 33 of the Dallas market’s most celebrated news personalities:

  1. Clarice Tinsley
  2. Steve Eagar
  3. Heather Hays
  4. Dan Henry
  5. Mike Doocy
  6. Tim Ryan
  7. Lauren Przybyl
  8. Evan Andrews
  9. Brian Curtis
  10. Marc Fein
  11. Meredith Land
  12. David Finfrock
  13. Newy Scruggs
  14. Deborah Ferguson
  15. Mark Hayes
  16. Grant Johnston
  17. Gloria Campos
  18. John McCaa
  19. Shelly Slater
  20. Jane McGarry
  21. Pete Delkus
  22. Dale Hansen
  23. Cynthia Izaguirre
  24. Ron Corning
  25. Colleen Coyle
  26. Greg Fields
  27. Doug Dunbar
  28. Karen Borta
  29. Larry Mowry
  30. Babe Laufenberg
  31. Brendan Higgins
  32. Adrienne Bankert
  33. Garry Seith


Why trust SurveyUSA?

For 20 years, SurveyUSA has worked with local TV stations to improve their newscasts, and to help make their branding, positioning, and talent better. SurveyUSA’s entire focus is local. We understand local media markets like no other research company.


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    • Ability to pull out complex trends such as the viewing preferences and demographic breakdowns of just those whose “perfect newscast” would include “a lot” of news about celebrities and Hollywood, or just those who would prefer a newscast with no sports.
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