Exclusive SurveyUSA Market Research on Pittsburgh TV News Talent, Now Available to Agents and Station Managers

- 04/04/13 07:00 AM


SurveyUSA releases for the first time an unprecedented, in-depth look at the TV media landscape in media Market #23, Pittsburgh.

This is not stale, generic, national research pulled out of some book, with limited and dated relevance to the Pittsburgh market. This is 1,568 PDF pages of fresh, local, detailed research on the Pittsburgh media landscape, conducted March 2013, with insight nowhere else found on the Pittsburgh media market and the talent that drives it.

Which of the following stations has the best local newscast, and which has the worst?

  • KDKA, channel 2, the CBS affiliate, where Anne Linaberger is News Director
  • WTAE, channel 4, the ABC affiliate, where Justin Antoniotti is News Director
  • WPXI, channel 11, the NBC affiliate, where Mike Oliveira is News Director


  • Which station has the best sports?
  • Which has the best weather?
  • Which has the best website?
  • Which is the most accurate?
  • Which gives you both sides of the story?

SurveyUSA has the answers.

Proud to be America’s Pollster®, SurveyUSA interviewed 1,000 Pittsburgh DMA adults, including 662 respondents who watch local TV news almost every day. SurveyUSA talked to those viewers, as well as to those people who told us they don’t watch local news regularly. More than 200 actualities are available for you to listen to and analyze. These real-time focus groups would cost many thousands of dollars to put together if you were to try to do it yourself.  SurveyUSA has done it for you. Here are just a few samples:

You can listen to SurveyUSA’s exclusive real-time focus groups by following the instructions below; More than 200 sound-bites have been edited into two reels.

The first reel is from people who watch Pittsburgh local news “almost every day.” We asked them what they liked and disliked, and they told us.  We have 33 minutes of actualities, queued and ready.

The second reel is from people in the Pittsburgh DMA who do not watch local TV news. We asked them why not? They told us. We have 11 minutes of actualities queued and ready.

We are pleased to make these quantitative and qualitative research findings available to the stakeholders most affected by it:

  • General Managers
  • News Directors
  • Anchors
  • On-Air Reporters
  • Talent Agents
  • Group Heads
  • Research Directors
  • Promotion Directors
  • Program Directors
  • Advertisers

Whether you’re a news director worried about slipping ratings, an agent trying to shop a client, an anchor trying to figure out if it’s time to jump to a PR gig, an advertiser wondering which station is really the best place to spend your dollars, or just an interested news junkie, there’s something here for you.

51 pointed questions, with fully crosstabbed results, giving you fascinating insights:

  • All 4 of Pittsburgh’s highest-rated on-air talents all work for the same station.
  • Among 25-54 year olds, two anchors tie for the highest rating … but they work for different stations.
  • The station with the best newscast does not have the best website.
  • One station is twice as popular among African American news viewers as it is among white news viewers.
  • The anchor given the highest rating by African Americans is tied for 7th among whites.
  • 57% of those who watch local news nearly every day say there isn’t enough coverage of their local area.
  • By margins of 3:2, viewers of two Pittsburgh stations say the stories covered on local TV news mostly don’t affect them. Viewers of the third station say, by a slim 51% – 46% majority, that the stories covered on local TV news mostly do affect them.

Every major on-air talent in the Pittsburgh media market is analyzed. Not only is each talent rated relative to his/her competitors, but the ratings for each talent are broken down by:

  • Gender
  • Age
  • Race
  • Education
  • Income

A complete, in-depth comparison of the relative strengths and weaknesses of 26 of the Pittsburgh market’s most celebrated news personalities:

  • Jennifer Abney
  • Jennifer Antkowiak
  • Joe Arena
  • Wendy Bell
  • Kevin Benson
  • Dennis Bowman
  • Darieth Chisolm
  • Mike Clark
  • Stephen Cropper
  • Rick Dayton
  • Peggy Finnegan
  • Kelly Frey
  • Janelle Hall
  • Mike Harvey
  • Demetrius Ivory
  • David Johnson
  • Susan Koeppen
  • Alby Oxenreiter
  • Bob Pompeani
  • Ken Rice
  • Stacy Smith
  • Kristine Sorensen
  • Andrew Stockey
  • Jeff Verszyla
  • Sally Wiggin
  • Michelle Wright

Your viewers rank these on-air talents from best to worst. These rankings should be especially important to CBS General Manager Chris Pike, Hearst General Manager Michael Hayes, and Cox General Manager Ray Carter.

Why trust SurveyUSA?

For 20 years, SurveyUSA has worked with local TV stations to improve their newscasts, and to help make their branding, positioning, and talent better. SurveyUSA’s entire focus is local. We understand local media markets like no other research company.

You have 2 ways to access these exclusive SurveyUSA research results

To see just the high-level results of this survey and access the answers to every question asked, click here.


To see all of the results, including the complete interactive crosstabs, which, if printed, will be 1,568 PDF pages, and to be able to listen to more than 200 actualities from Pittsburgh local news viewers and non-viewers, follow these instructions:.

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What will I receive?
  • A URL that links you to:
    • All of the hi-level survey results plus:
    • Every question crosstabbed by every demographic question
    • Every question crosstabbed by every other question
    • Ability to pull out complex trends such as the viewing preferences and demographic breakdowns of just those whose “perfect newscast” would include “a lot” of news about celebrities and Hollywood, or just those who would prefer a newscast with no sports.
  • Opportunity to view a single HTML file, with all of the data right in front of you, OR, if you prefer, you can print 1,568 pages of research in PDF format
  • Ability to listen to more than 200 recordings of Pittsburgh news viewers and non-viewers talking about what they want and do not want in local TV news.

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