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  02/17/17   Poll #23427   SurveyUSA (America's Pollster)   USA 50 States
  Q Did President Donald Trump win the 2016 Presidential election fair and square? Was President Trump helped across the finish line? Or,...
  Q Is President Trump ... on his way to making America great again? Not yet having an impact one way or the other? Making America worse...
  Q Are things in Washington DC under control? Or out of control?
  Q Does President Trump see the world as it is? Does President Trump have a vivid imagination? Or, does President Trump sometimes lose...
  Q Which statement do you most agree with? Donald Trump always tells the truth. Donald Trump knows when he is telling the truth and...


  02/16/17   Poll #23427   SurveyUSA (America's Pollster)   USA 50 States
  Q Is the Trump administration being attacked unfairly? Or, is the Trump White House under the same microscope as any new administration?
  Q How important to you personally is the 2nd Amendment to the United States Constitution?
  Q How important to you personally is the 1st Amendment to the United States Constitution?


  02/10/17   Poll #23413   SurveyUSA (America's Pollster)   USA 50 States
  Q How likely is it that a border wall will be built between the United States and Mexico? Very likely? Somewhat likely? Not very...
  Q If a wall is built, how likely is it that Mexico will end up paying for the cost of the wall, either directly or indirectly?


  02/09/17   Poll #23413   SurveyUSA (America's Pollster)   USA 50 States
  Q Is President Trump... brilliant?
  Q Is President Trump... a great businessman?
  Q Is President Trump... an American success story?
  Q Honest?
  Q Honorable?
  Q Candid?
  Q A man of his word?
  Q Forceful?
  Q Thoughtful?
  Q Even-tempered?
  Q Evil?
  Q In over his head?
  Q Juvenile?
  Q Spiteful?
  Q A bully?
  Q Dishonest?
  Q Mad?
  Q Racist?


  02/09/17   Poll #23413   SurveyUSA (America's Pollster)   USA 50 States
  Q Does the United States Constitution create three equal branches of government? Or does the United States Constitution give the...
  Q Does President Trump respect the Constitution of the United States?
  Q Does President Trump think he is above the law?
  Q Does Donald Trump care more about the American people? Or more about Donald Trump?
  Q Did Barack Obama care more about the American people? Or more about Barack Obama?


  02/08/17   Poll #23413   SurveyUSA (America's Pollster)   USA 50 States
  Q Would you describe President Trump's physical health as ... Excellent? Good? Just fair? Or poor?
  Q Would you describe President Trump's mental health as ...


  02/07/17   Poll #23413   SurveyUSA (America's Pollster)   USA 50 States
  Q Is your impression of Donald Trump... very favorable? Favorable? Unfavorable? Or very unfavorable?
  Q Is your impression of Vice President Mike Pence...
  Q Is your impression of Steve Bannon...
  Q Is your impression of Kellyanne Conway...
  Q Is your impression of Jared Kushner...
  Q Is your impression of The New York Times...
  Q Is your impression of The Washington Post...
  Q Is your impression of CNN...
  Q Is your impression of Fox News...
  Q Is your impression of MSNBC...
  Q Is your impression of Matt Drudge...
  Q Is your impression of The Breitbart website...
  Q Is your impression of Saturday Night Live...
  Q Is your impression of Barack Obama...
  Q Is your impression of Hillary Clinton...


  02/07/17   Poll #23413   SurveyUSA (America's Pollster)   USA 50 States
  Q Under President Trump, will the world be more safe? ... less safe? ... or no more or less safe as under previous American presidents?
  Q Will America be ... more safe? ... less safe? ... or will it make no difference? ... if individuals from certain Middle Eastern...


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