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  02/25/21   Poll #25837   KABC-TV (Los Angeles)   California
  Q So far, has the response from state health officials to the coronavirus been an over-reaction? An appropriate response? Or an...
  Q What letter grade would you give California's response to the Coronavirus?
  Q Have you personally had the Coronavirus?
  Q How concerned are you that you, personally, will get the Coronavirus?
  Q Is the state of California doing all it can to vaccinate the public? Or could it be doing more?
  Q California prioritized teachers for Coronavirus vaccination in group 1B, which is now being vaccinated as supplies allow, along with...
  Q Have you been vaccinated for the Coronavirus?
  Q Do you plan to get vaccinated for the Coronavirus?
  Q Based on what you know, are the currently available Coronavirus vaccines definitely safe? Probably safe? Probably unsafe? Or...
  Q How concerned are you that too few people will get vaccinated for it to be effective?


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