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  10/05/15   Poll #22521   KPIX-TV (San Francisco)   San Francisco County
  Q If you were filling out your ballot for San Francisco Sheriff right now, who would be your first choice? Ross Mirkarimi? Vicki...
  Q San Francisco voters will also be asked to vote for a 2nd choice for Sheriff. Who is your 2nd choice for Sheriff?
  Q Which of these best describes why you are not voting for Ross Mirkarimi? His involvement in a 2012 domestic violence incident? His...


  10/02/15   Poll #22518   KGTV-TV (San Diego)   San Diego DMA
  Q Did you find yesterday's news of a mass shooting at a community college in Oregon ... surprising? Or not surprising?
  Q Have Americans become numb to mass shootings?
  Q Will yesterday's mass shooting lead to any change in laws concerning guns?
  Q Should America have more laws concerning guns? Fewer laws concerning guns? Or just about the right amount of laws concerning guns?
  Q Is there enough spending on mental illness in America? Or does spending need to be increased?


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