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  10/03/19   Poll #24920   KGTV-TV (San Diego), San Diego Union-Tribune ()   CA 50th CD
  Q Are you registered to vote in the state of California?
  Q Is your impression of Helen Horvath ... ?
  Q Is your impression of David Edick, Jr. ... ?
  Q Is your impression of Brian Jones ... ?
  Q Is your impression of Carl DeMaio ... ?
  Q Is your impression of Darrell Issa ... ?
  Q Is your impression of Ammar Campa-Najjar ... ?
  Q Is your impression of Duncan Hunter ... ?
  Q The state of California will hold a primary election on Tuesday, March 3, a date which some call "Super Tuesday." Not everyone has a...
  Q One of the contests on the California Super Tuesday primary ballot is an election for US House of Representatives from California's...
  Q In choosing a candidate for Congress, which issue is most important to you? (Issues rotated)
  Q Incumbent Congressman Duncan Hunter has been indicted for allegedly misusing $250,000 in campaign funds. Hunter denies the charges and...
  Q On immigration, do you want your member of Congress to ... ? Support Donald Trump's approach to limiting immigration into the United...
  Q On the environment, do you want your member of Congress to ... ? Support President Trump's attempts to ease environmental...
  Q On the US House of Representative's attempt to impeach President Trump, do you want your member of Congress to ... ? Approach the...


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