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  01/19/17   Poll #23385   KPIX-TV (San Francisco)   San Francisco-Oakland-San Jose DMA
  Q Is your opinion of Donald Trump ... favorable? Unfavorable? Neutral? Or, do you have no opinion of Donald Trump?
  Q Will you watch Donald Trump being sworn in as America's 45th President on Friday live as it happens? On the news or with online clips...
  Q Will President Trump go down in history as one of America's greatest presidents? One of America's worst presidents? Or somewhere in...
  Q Will Donald Trump serve out his full term as President? Will he choose to leave office before his term is up? Or will be he removed...
  Q Is Donald Trump a fundamentally honest person? A fundamentally dishonest person? Or do you not know enough to say?
  Q How comfortable are you with the relationship between Donald Trump and Russia? Very comfortable? Somewhat comfortable? Not very...


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