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  07/20/17   Poll #23604   WXIA-TV (Atlanta)    City of Atlanta
  Q There are 18 candidates on the ballot for Mayor. If the election for Atlanta Mayor were today, and you were filling out your ballot...
  Q Which one of these issues is most important in deciding who you will vote for? Housing affordability? Transportation? Crime? Drugs?...
  Q Do you strongly agree? Somewhat agree? Somewhat disagree? Or strongly disagree with each of these statements: First, "I have good...
  Q Next statement. Poverty is a real concern in our city
  Q Homelessness is a serious problem in the city of Atlanta.
  Q Atlanta is a safe city in which to live.
  Q How concerned are you about the cost of housing in the city of Atlanta?
  Q Are the city of Atlanta's best days .... Ahead? Or behind us?
  Q Would you say race relations in the city of Atlanta are ... ? Excellent? Good? Fair? Or poor?
  Q Would you say relations between city residents and police in Atlanta are ... ? Excellent? Good? Fair? Or poor?
  Q Do you believe you yourself have ever been racially profiled by police?


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