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  07/10/15   Poll #22423   KFSN-TV (Fresno)   Fresno-Visalia DMA
  Q The state of South Carolina today took down the Confederate flag that had been flying on the state capitol grounds. Do you agree or...
  Q Should other states that fly Confederate flags take their flags down? Or leave them up?
  Q To you, is the confederate flag more a symbol of southern heritage? Or more a symbol of racism?


  07/10/15   Poll #22422   KGTV-TV (San Diego), San Diego Union-Tribune ()   San Diego DMA
  Q Which is more important to San Diego, Comic-Con or the Chargers?
  Q Recently, a San Diego Union-Tribune columnist said San Diego would be better off economically without the Chargers. Do you agree or...
  Q Although stadium negotiations between the Chargers and the city of San Diego have stalled, the city is planning to move forward with...
  Q How important is it to you, personally, that the San Diego Chargers stay in San Diego? Very important? Somewhat important? Not very...
  Q In the long run, where do you think the Chargers will end up? San Diego? Los Angeles? Or somewhere else?
  Q Are you a fan of the San Diego Chargers?
  Q If the Chargers moved to Los Angeles, would you still be a Chargers fan?
  Q Do you think the Chargers really want to stay in San Diego? Or do you think they really want to leave?
  Q Do you approve or disapprove of the way the Chargers have handled the situation?
  Q Do you approve or disapprove of the way Mayor Kevin Faulconer has handled the situation?
  Q Should local governments contribute taxpayer funds to help build a new Chargers stadium?
  Q The mayor's stadium task force proposed a financing plan that called for contributions from city and county funds, the Chargers and...
  Q The mayor's stadium task force plan does not call for a tax increase. Would that make you more likely to support the plan? Less...


  07/07/15   Poll #22421   KPIX-TV (San Francisco)   San Francisco County
  Q Are you familiar with the term ... "sanctuary city"?
  Q A sanctuary city is a city that does not enforce federal immigration laws. The city of San Francisco has been a "sanctuary city" since...
  Q Does San Francisco's implementation of the Sanctuary City concept ... go too far? Not go far enough? Is the implementation just right?...
  Q Should undocumented immigrants who commit any crime be turned over to immigration officials? Should only undocumented immigrants who...
  Q Are you familiar with the story of a deadly shooting last week by an immigrant who had previously been deported?
  Q As a result of last week's shooting, should the city of San Francisco change its sanctuary city policy? Or leave it alone?


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