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  03/25/15   Poll #22156   KGTV-TV (San Diego), U-T San Diego ()   City of San Diego, CA
  Q How familiar are you with the proposed mix-use development in Carmel Valley called One Paseo? Very familiar? Somewhat familiar? Not...
  Q Do you support? Or do you oppose? The proposal?
  Q Would One Paseo be good for the community? Or bad for the community?
  Q How concerned are you about potential traffic problems if One Paseo is built? Very concerned? Somewhat concerned? Not very concerned?...
  Q Has the developer of One Paseo done enough to address potential traffic problems?
  Q Would you support or would you oppose a bill that would allow California doctors to prescribe lethal medications to terminally ill...
  Q A lawsuit has been filed against SeaWorld, claiming mistreatment of animals and asking for refunds for those who have paid for...


  03/24/15   Poll #22152   KSN News (Wichita)    City of Wichita
  Q If the election for mayor of Wichita were today, and you were standing in the voting booth right now, who would you vote for?
  Q Which one issue will be most important in deciding how you will vote in the election for mayor? Job development? Budget and spending?...
  Q Wichita will also vote on a marijuana decriminalization initiative. If passed, the penalty for a first-time conviction of possession...
  Q Which of these best describes why you are voting yes on the marijuana initiative? Jail overcrowding? You don't feel the use of...
  Q Which of these best describes why you are voting no on the marijuana initiative? Moral objections? You feel marijuana use can lead to...


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