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  08/26/15   Poll #22477   KGTV-TV (San Diego)   San Diego DMA
  Q Do you think area roads and bridges need to be improved? Or, are they fine as they are?
  Q Regardless of whether you think roads need improvement, how would you want to see road improvements paid for? Taxing people based on...


  08/07/15   Poll #22472   KGTV-TV (San Diego), San Diego Union-Tribune ()   San Diego DMA
  Q Did you read or hear anything about last night's debate among ten of the Republican candiidates for President of the United States?
  Q Did your opinion of Donald Trump go up due to the debate? Go down? Or did it not change?
  Q OK, next: Jeb Bush. Did your opinion of Jeb Bush go up due to the debate? Go down? Or did it not change?
  Q OK, Scott Walker.
  Q Mike Huckabee.
  Q Ben Carson.
  Q Ted Cruz.
  Q Marco Rubio.
  Q Rand Paul.
  Q Chris Christie.
  Q John Kasich.
  Q Last, though she herself was not in the debate, did the debate cause your opinion of Hillary Clinton to go up? Go down? Or stay the...


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