Here Are The Results of SurveyUSA Election Poll #13667

Geography Surveyed: Oregon
Data Collected: 04/04/2008 - 04/06/2008
Release Date: 04/07/2008 10:10 AM ET
Sponsor: KATU-TV Portland

In Oregon Democratic Primary for US Senate, Novick's Head Sticks-Up in a Crowded Sea: In a Democratic Primary in Oregon for United States Senator today, 04/07/08, for the right to oppose incumbent Republican Gordon Smith in November, attorney Steve Novick finishes 1st among 6 named candidates, according to a SurveyUSA poll conducted exclusively for KATU-TV Portland. But: with 40% of likely voters saying they are undecided, or choosing some other candidate, any outcome is possible when votes are counted in 6 weeks. Today, it's Novick 23%, activist Candy Neville 12%, state House Speaker Jeff Merkley 11%, with mental health counselor David Loera, and frequent candidates Roger Obrist and Pavel Goberman further back. The field is fluid.

Filtering: 1,800 state of Oregon adults were interviewed 04/04/08 through 04/06/08. Of them, 1,611 were registered to vote. Of them, 597 were determined by SurveyUSA to be likely to vote in the 05/20/08 Democratic Primary. The Primary is "closed." Only registered Democrats may vote. All voting is by U.S. mail. Ballots may be returned until 8 pm on 05/20/08.

  Asked of 597 likely voters
  Credibility Interval for this question = ± 4.1 percentage points.

If the Democratic Primary ... for United States Senator from Oregon ... were today, would you vote for ... (names rotated) Pavel Goberman? David Loera? Jeff Merkley? Candy Neville? Steve Novick? Roger Obrist? Or some other Democrat?

3% Goberman
6% Loera
11% Merkley
12% Neville
23% Novick
5% Obrist
40% Other / Undecided

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