Here Are The Results of SurveyUSA Election Poll #13053

Geography Surveyed: Florida
Data Collected: 12/02/2007 - 12/03/2007
Release Date: 12/04/2007 9:35 AM ET
Sponsor: WFLA-TV Tampa

In Florida GOP Primary, Huckabee Up, Romney Down, Rudy Flat in Pre- And Post-Debate Poll Comparison: SurveyUSA interviewed 458 Florida GOP Primary likely voters before the 11/28/07 CNN YouTube Debate and 493 Florida GOP Primary likely voters after the debate, exclusively for WFLA-TV Tampa. High Level: Rudolph Giuliani maintains a double-digit lead in Florida. While there is considerable movement among the 4 candidates who trail Giuliani, there is no immediate evidence that news stories about Giuliani's security detail when Mayor of New York have damaged him in Florida. Giuliani is not gaining ground, but he has not lost ground, 6 days after the story first broke. Specifically: Immediately before the debate, Giuliani led 2nd place Mitt Romney by 12 points, 34% to 22%. After the debate, Giuliani moved sideways, from 34% to 32%, Romney dropped to 3rd place, from 22% to 15%, and Mike Huckabee rose from 14% to 18%. Huckabee is now 2nd, but just 7 points separates 2nd place from 5th. Fred Thompson is 4th, at 14%. John McCain is 5th, at 11%. Among Conservatives, Huckabee's support doubled, from 11% a month ago, to 19% immediately before the debate, to 23% now. Romney's support among Conservatives fell from 24% before the debate to 16% after. Among female GOP Floridians: Huckabee climbed from 12% a month ago to 18% today, Thompson fell from 22% a month ago to 9% today. Among Republicans age 65+, Huckabee rose from 9% in November to 14% immediately before the debate to 20% today. Thompson fell from 16% in November to 9% before the debate to 6% today.

Timing of Pre-Debate and Post-Debate Polls; Filtering of Respondents: Two separate SurveyUSA polls are referenced here, both of which are released for the first time. From 11/26/07 to 11/28/07, SurveyUSA interviewed 1,900 state of Florida adults, found 1,678 of them registered to vote and determined that 458 of those were likely to vote in the 01/29/08 Republican Primary for President of the United States. All interviews completed before the 11/28/07 CNN YouTube GOP Debate and most interviews completed before Rudolph Giuliani security-detail story broke, the afternoon of 11/28/07. Data from these interviews appear on SurveyUSA's tracking graphs dated 11/29/07. Separately, 1,950 state of Florida adults were interviewed 12/02/07 and 12/03/07. Of them, 1,715 were registered to vote. Of them, 493 were identified by SurveyUSA as likely to vote in the 01/29/07 Florida Republican Primary for President of the United States. Data from these interviews appear on SurveyUSA's tracking graphs dated 12/04/07. As always, click the Triangle T to get to SurveyUSA's proprietary tracking graphs, with SurveyUSA's exclusive interactive pull-down windows that allow you to track each sub-population interviewed.

  Asked of 493 likely voters
  Credibility Interval for this question = ± 4.5 percentage points.

If the Republican Primary for President of the United States were today, would you vote for ...(names rotated) Rudy Giuliani? Mike Huckabee? John McCain? Mitt Romney? Fred Thompson? Or some other Republican?

32% Giuliani
18% Huckabee
11% McCain
15% Romney
14% Thompson
5% Other
6% Undecided

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