Results of SurveyUSA Election Poll #17385
New Mexico: Republican Martinez Leads in Race for Open Governor Seat: In an election for New Mexico Governor today, 10/15/10, Republican Susana Martinez defeats Democrat Diane Denish 54% to 42%, according to this latest exclusive KOB-TV poll conducted by SurveyUSA. Martinez' advantage is even stronger among voters who tell SurveyUSA they have already returned a ballot.

Martinez is at or above 50% among both men and women, young and old, upper income and lower income. Denish leads among Hispanics and Native Americans, but not by enough to overcome Martinez' 2:1 advantage among whites. Denish holds just 71% of Democratic voters; 27% defect. Independents break Republican. Among the handful of New Mexico voters who think health care and education are the most important issue in the election, the Democrat leads. But among the majority of voters who think the economy is the most important issue, the Republican leads.

Filtering: SurveyUSA interviewed 900 New Mexico adults 10/12/10 through 10/14/10. Of them, 864 were registered to vote. Of the registered voters, 647 were determined by SurveyUSA to have already voted or to be likely to vote in the 11/02/10 general election. Absentee voting began 10/05/10; early voting begins tomorrow, 10/16/10.
1If the election for New Mexico Governor were today, who would you vote for? (candidate names rotated) Republican Susana Martinez? Or Democrat Diane Denish?
647 Likely & Actual VotersAllGenderAge<50 / 50+RaceAlready Voted?Party AffiliationIdeologyTea Party MovementCollege GradMost Important IssueAttend Religious ServiceAbortionOwn a Gun?IncomeRegion
Credibility Interval: ± 3.9 pct pointsMaleFemale18-3435-4950-6465+18-4950+WhiteBlackHispanicNative /YesNoRepublicDemocratIndependConservaModerateLiberalFavorablUnfavoraNeutralNo OpiniYesNoEconomyHealth CImmigratEducatioFederal RegularlOccasionAlmost NPro-lifePro-choiYesNo< $50K> $50KBernalilRest of
Susana Martinez (R)54%58%50%53%58%52%54%56%53%62%**42%43%60%53%88%27%54%86%38%21%91%14%65%49%50%60%57%40%61%22%83%62%56%41%75%39%65%43%52%57%52%56%
Diane Denish (D)42%39%46%44%38%44%44%40%44%35%**54%54%36%43%11%71%35%12%58%77%8%84%28%46%47%37%41%58%32%73%14%35%41%56%22%58%33%53%46%40%45%40%
Composition of Likely & Actual Voters100%50%50%16%29%32%24%44%56%62%1%30%7%13%87%38%47%15%39%38%17%32%33%22%12%55%45%57%8%6%8%6%47%24%28%45%52%49%48%38%62%42%58%
** Too few respondents of this type were interviewed for this data to be meaningful.