Results of SurveyUSA Election Poll #15836
Seattle Mayor: Mallahan & McGinn Meet in Middle as Many Mull: In an election for Seattle Mayor today, 09/29/09, five weeks until votes are counted, businessman Joe Mallahan and community organizer Mike McGinn tie, 38% each, according to this latest exclusive KING-TV poll conducted by SurveyUSA. One in four voters are undecided.

Compared to an identical SurveyUSA poll released two weeks ago, Mallahan is down 3 points; McGinn is up 2.

Among Democrats, Mallahan had led by 3, now trails by 7, a 10-point shift to McGinn.
Among Republicans, Mallahan had led by 21, now leads by 13.
Among men, Mallahan had led by 3, now trails by 1, a 4-point shift to McGinn.
Among women, Mallahan had led by 8, now leads by 1, a 7-point shift to McGinn.
Among the youngest voters, McGinn has widened his lead from 6 points to 19.
Among voters age 35 to 49, Mallahan had led by 3, now trails by 3, a 6-point shift to McGinn.

Filtering: SurveyUSA interviewed 1,000 adults from the city of Seattle 09/26/09 and 09/28/09. Of them, 910 identified themselves as being registered to vote. Of the registered voters, 611 were determined by SurveyUSA to be likely to vote in the election. The election will be conducted entirely by mail; ballots begin to be mailed 10/14/09. Ballots are counted 11/03/09.
If the election for Seattle Mayor were today, would you vote for ... (choices rotated) Joe Mallahan? Or, Mike McGinn?
611 Likely VotersAllGenderAge<50 / 50+RaceParty AffiliationIdeologyCollege GradIncome
Credibility Interval: ± 4 pct pointsMaleFemale18-3435-4950-6465+18-4950+WhiteBlackHispanicAsian/OtRepublicDemocratIndependConservaModerateLiberalYesNo< $50K> $50K
Composition of Likely Voters100%50%50%28%30%23%18%58%42%82%4%3%11%12%63%24%14%34%49%74%26%29%71%
** Too few respondents of this type were interviewed for this data to be meaningful.