Should same-sex couples be able to share in the legal benefits of marriage, such as the right to inherit property and the right to make medical decisions for one another? Or should the legal benefits of marriage be restricted only to couples consisting of a man and a woman?
TRACK POINTS03/23/0901/11/1007/29/1008/04/1002/10/1204/03/1205/31/1203/25/1306/17/13
± 3%± 3.1%± 3%± 4.3%± 2%± 2%± 2.2%± 4.2%± 4.2%
Same-sex Couples66%61%65%64%61%61%62%67%68%
Man And a Woman30%36%32%33%34%33%31%30%27%
Not Sure4%3%3%3%5%6%7%3%5%