Based on what you know right now, do you think Speaker of the House Dennis Hastert should remain in his position as Speaker of the House? Do you think he should resign as Speaker of the House but remain a member of Congress? Or do you think he should completely resign from Congress?
TRACK POINTS10/05/0610/06/0610/09/0610/12/06n/an/an/an/an/a
± 3.2%± 3.2%± 3.2%± 3.2%n/an/an/an/an/a
Remain Speaker23%27%26%27%n/an/an/an/an/a
Resign Leadership17%20%20%21%n/an/an/an/an/a
Resign From Congress49%43%45%43%n/an/an/an/an/a
Not Sure11%10%9%10%n/an/an/an/an/a