Baseball Fans Nationwide: Asterisks Next to Records, No Cooperstown For Players Named in Mitchell Report

SurveyUSA Breaking News - 12/13/07 09:31 PM

Our latest just-released national poll shows majorities of baseball fans unsurprised by the names and the sheer numbers of major league players named in former U. S. Senator George Mitchell’s report on performance-enhancing drugs in the sport — and calling for consequences for those whose names are listed within.

Clemens Hall of Fame

56% of fans say seven-time Cy Young winner Roger Clemens, who is named prominently in the report, should not be eligible for entry into the Baseball Hall of Fame.  A slightly large number  — 60% — say that in general, those named in the report should be ineligible for Cooperstown.


59% say those named in the report should have an asterisk placed next to their name alongside any records they may hold.

Despite all this, most baseball fans –  61% — say Major League Baseball has the same amount of problems with performance-enhancing drugs as other sports. 22% say MLB has more of these problems; 16% say it has fewer.

Full results of the poll, including crosstabs, are available here.

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