McCain Pours Kerosene on Giuliani Firewall

SurveyUSA Breaking News - 01/11/08 03:14 PM

McCain v Giuliani in FL as of 011108

In a Republican Primary in Florida today, 1/11/08, after John McCain’s New Hampshire win and before voting takes place in Michigan or South Carolina, McCain defeats former national frontrunner Rudolph Giuliani 27% to 19%, according to SurveyUSA’s latest tracking poll for WFLA-TV Tampa.

Giuliani’s entire campaign strategy has been to ignore early “small” states and concentrate on later “big” states, starting in Florida on 01/29/08. This strategy will be heralded as brilliant if Giuliani wins the Republican nomination, or cockeyed, if Giuliani cannot find a way to recapture the once commanding lead he held in Florida.

Complete SurveyUSA crosstabs are here.

Interactive tracking graphs, a SurveyUSA exclusive, are here, and accessible every time you see a “Triangle T” on a SurevyUSA poll result.

Interviews for this survey were completed after New Hampshire Primary results were known, but before a GOP debate in Myrtle Beach, which began 9 pm ET on 01/10/08.

Giuliani’s slide and McCain’s catapult are dramatically illustrated here:

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