New Electoral Maps to be Released Today … Based on 30,000 Just Completed Interviews

SurveyUSA Breaking News - 03/06/08 09:12 AM

UPDATE: Maps, tables, and fully crosstabbed results are now live right here.

Political historial Michael Barone this week writes:

It’s time to throw out that old map with the red states and blue states. The map that implies that all but a handful of states will definitely vote Republican or Democratic and that the real contest will be decided in Florida or Ohio or whatever.

OK, Michael. Here are the new maps.

  • Based on interviews just completed by SurveyUSA.
  • 600 registered voters interviewed in each of the 50 states, a total of 30,000 interviews.

It will take us a couple of hours this morning to get the data linked to the maps, but the maps are real, and show exactly what happens in an election “today.”

Can you figure out which of these two maps is Clinton vs McCain and which one is Obama vs McCain? (click on the maps to enlarge)

McCain vs Democrat #1 as of 030608 USA Electoral MapMcCain vs Democrat #2 USA Electoral Map as of 030608

SurveyUSA will post the map legend and link the election results to the map as soon as we are done proofing.

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