April Head to Head Contests: Six States Flip

SurveyUSA Breaking News - 04/17/08 03:40 PM

Last weekend, during the height of the reporting of Barack Obama’s “bitter” comment, SurveyUSA was in the field conducting it’s monthly head-to-head polling. Today, we have the results, showing six states flipping between last month and this month — but not all necessarily in the directions you’d expect.

Full results to follow, but for now:

  • Two states where Obama led John McCain in March have flipped, with McCain now leading Obama.
  • Two states where McCain led Obama have also flipped, with Obama now leading McCain, for a net wash.
  • One state where Hillary Clinton led McCain has flipped.
  • One state where McCain led Clinton has flipped as well.
  • Overall, Obama gained ground in 7 of the 15 states we polled, lost ground in six, and remained steady in two; Clinton gained ground in 5 states, lost ground in 8, and remained steady in 2.

An in-depth look at Virginia — one of the states that’s flipping this month — within the hour.

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