FURTHER UPDATED — Pollster Report Card: Pennsylvania Democratic Primary

SurveyUSA Breaking News - 04/23/08 12:26 AM

UPDATED 10:30 PM ET 04/23/08 to include bullseye graphic from Pollster.com.

10 competing opinion pollsters released data in the final 3 days before votes were counted in Tuesday’s Pensylvania Democratic Primary.

With 99.51% of the vote counted, Hillary Clinton has a 9.2 percentage point margin of victory. When those numbers are fed into SurveyUSA’s Pollster Report Card, the “most accurate” awards are spread evenly across a number of pollsters.

  • Suffolk University is Most Accurate by 3 of 8 scientific measures.
  • Quinnipiac University, Strategic Vision and ARG are Most Accurate by 2 of 8 scientific measures.
  • Zogby is Most Accurate by 1 of 8 scientific measures.

(chart below is current as of 8:35 pm ET on 04/23/08, with PA Secretary of State reporting 99.51% of the vote counted. click the chart until legible)


A graphical depiction of pollster performance, created by Professor Charles Franklin of the University of Wisconsin, is available at the Pollster.com website, here, and enhanced below with added SurveyUSA annotation.

(click the graphic until it is legible)

PA Primary Bullseye Chart from Pollster dot com

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