What’s Next?

SurveyUSA Breaking News - 05/16/08 04:00 PM

Tuesday is primary day in Kentucky and Oregon; SurveyUSA will have fresh numbers out on Monday in the Kentucky Democratic primaries for President and US Senate, and in Oregon’s presidential and gubernatorial primaries, as well as in Oregon’s 5th congressional district races and the Portland mayoral primary.

Also on tap for next week:

  • Missouri’s Republican primary for governor and a peek at November.
  • Massachusetts’ US Senate primaries.
  • North Carolina November matchups for President, Governor, and US Senate.
  • A look ahead to November in Missouri’s 6th Congressional District.
  • June 3 Mayoral contest updates in Fresno  and San Diego
  • Approval ratings and head to head November matchups in multiple states … including, for the first time, a look at how some potential November tickets do against one another.

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