State of Washington Poll: Split Decision on Palin-Biden Vice Presidential Debate

SurveyUSA Breaking News - 10/03/08 02:54 PM

Immediately following last night’s debate between Republican Sarah Palin and Democrat Joe Biden, SurveyUSA interviewed 1,100 state of Washington adults, of whom 806 watched the debate.

Of debate watchers:

  • 42% say Palin was the clear winner.
  • 39% say Biden was the clear winner.
  • 18% say there was no clear winner.

Debate audience was 26% Republican, 33% Democrat, 34% Independent. Republicans by 6:1 saw Palin as the winner. Democrats by 5:1 saw Biden as the winner. Independents, the most critical and coveted group, broke 5:4 for Palin.  Of debate watchers:

  • 52% say their opinion of Palin went up. 19% say their opinion of Palin went down.
  • 42% say their opinion of Biden went up. 20% say their opinion of Biden went down.

Washington state debate watchers say:

  • Palin was more likable.
  • Biden had a better command of the facts.
  • Biden was more ready to assume the office of President, should that become necessary.


  • 54% say that Biden makes the Democratic ticket stronger, 17% say he makes the ticket weaker, 27% say he makes no difference.
  • 47% say that Palin makes the Republican ticket stronger, 35% say she makes the ticket weaker, 17% say she makes no difference.
  • 82% of Republicans and 60% overall think Palin would be a better Vice President than Dick Cheney.
  • 31% of Republicans and 63% overall think Biden would be a better Vice President than Dick Cheney.

SurveyUSA state of Washington research conducted exclusively for KING-TV Seattle.

Full results here.

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