To What Extent Do Pollsters Include Cell Phone Respondents, and Tell You Exactly What Those Cell Respondents Think? 33 Polling Firms Compared.

SurveyUSA Breaking News - 11/17/11 01:08 PM

SurveyUSA analyzes the extent to which 33 active public opinion pollsters work to include cell-phone respondents, and proactively disclose in real-time how many cell respondents they have interviewed, and the degree to which those cell respondents differ from landline (home-phone) respondents. If, as research by Marist College , the Pew Research Center, and SurveyUSA finds, there is a difference in how cell respondents and home-phone respondents think and vote, it is vital to include them in research. If cell respondents think and act the same as home-phone respondents, there is no need to make the special effort, and incur the added cost, required to reach them.


To see SurveyUSA’s forecast of how many Americans will not have a home telephone by Election Day 2012 (and will therefore be unreachable by the pollsters above who make no effort to include cell respondents), go here. Two-thirds of Americans age 25 to 29 will be unreachable on a home phone by Election Day 2012, SurveyUSA estimates. Half of those age 18 to 24 and half of those age 30 to 34 will be unreachable on a home phone by Election Day 2012, SurveyUSA estimates.

Pollsters who gather 100% of their data online, such as Zogby, Harris, Reuters, and Polimetrix are excluded from the chart above, but that does not mean that such pollsters exclude cell-phone respondents.

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