Genesis: Google Consumer Surveys Emerge from the Primordial Ooze

The Experts on Google Consumer Surveys - 05/07/12 07:00 AM

And Google wrote 7 questions. And Google admired all that it had created. And Google rested. And it was good.

Google’s original 7 question types, using examples provided by Google, as they appear on the instruction pages of Google Consumer Surveys, at product launch


Could the beginning of a new world look any more humble than this? 7 modest, imperfect, excruciatingly limiting, half-the-time illegible questions.

And Google brought forth:

  1. Multiple choice (with too few answer choices)
  2. Multiple select (with too few answer choices)
  3. Multiple choice (with one image too small to be seen)
  4. Image choice (with two images too small to be seen)
  5. Rating (with too few gradations on the scale)
  6. Rating with image (with too few gradations on the scale)
  7. Rating with text (with too few gradations on the scale)

Will these Original 7 questions reshape the future of opinion polling and market research, change the fundamental economics of pay-per-view content and give oxygen to publishers large and small?

Google bets that they will.

  • Google bets that the entire $15 billion research industry is a bloated middle-man, an impediment to the natural exchange of spontaneous questions and answers, a vestigial artifice. Easily eliminated and quickly forgotten.
  • Just as GoogleAds changed forever how goods and services are bought and sold on this planet, so too does Google intend for Do-It-Yourself Google Consumer Surveys to change forever the way questions are asked and answered on this planet.
  • Structured research, the kind now conducted by professionals, will be replaced by a Do-It-Yourself, eezy-peezy, unpunctuated, organic give-n-take.

What do you think? Are Do-It-Yourself Google Consumer Surveys (#gsurveys) the dawn of a beautiful new world? Has Google planted the seeds for a research Garden of Eden? Or, are Do-It-Yourself Google Consumer Surveys some kind of a forbidden fruit, sure to have terrible consequences for any who try them?

We welcome your thoughts as we explore this together.

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