Confirmed Publisher Sightings: Google Consumer Surveys on Adweek, the Lima News, the Texas Tribune … But Anywhere Else?

The Experts on Google Consumer Surveys - 05/08/12 07:00 AM

When Google launched Do-It-Yourself Google Consumer Surveys (#gsurveys), Google made much of fact that the surveys were already appearing on publisher websites. Almost all of the news stories that followed cited the same 3 websites:

  1. The Lima News newspaper, in Lima OH,
  2. The Texas Tribune, a newspaper in Austin, TX.
  3. Adweek, a trade publication in New York City.

Texas Tribune on 04/24/12

Adweek home page on 04/24/12

SurveyUSA has seen #gsurveys on each of those 3 sites, but we’ve not seen #gsurveys on any of the other publisher websites touted by Google, such as:

  1. The Star Tribune newspaper in Minneapolis. (no evidence of participation)
  2. The New York Daily News. (no evidence of participation)

And we have not seen any #gsurveys in the wild, on our own. Wide geographic buy-in is critical for Google Consumer Surveys to succeed. Google offers the ability to regionalize the surveys (4 U.S. Census regions: Northeast, South, Midwest, West). But without significant participation from publishers in each part of the country, regionalization may not be possible.

Have you seen any #gsurveys in the wild? Help us build a comprehensive list of participating publishers. Tell us what you saw, where you saw it, and when.

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