What does a Do-It-Yourselfer Pay to Conduct Research using Google Consumer Surveys?

The Experts on Google Consumer Surveys - 05/09/12 07:00 AM

Google makes 3 claims about Do-It-Yourself Google Consumer Surveys (#gsurveys):

(The above appears on Google’s #gsurveys website as of 05/07/12.)

We will examine here just one of those claims: affordable.

Google says that Google Consumer Surveys (#gsurveys) are 1/10th the cost of similar quality research.

And, yes, it’s possible to write a single, Orphan question, asked of anyone, and pay just a dime an answer …

Which, if you do it, will bring you to a checkout screen that asks you for as little as $100 to complete the research (though Google recommends that you spend 50% more than that):

The reality is, that if you want to conduct actual research, and not just ask a single question, the cost can quickly balloon into the thousands of dollars. Here is the checkout screen for a Google Consumer Surveys project we built, where the least we could spend was $2,400 … but where Google recommended that we spend $12,000 … and where it was possible for us to check a box and spend $60,000 … on a single survey.

And just like that, we could end up with a $60,000 charge on our Visa.

At $100 for a “completed survey,” DIY Google Consumer Surveys (#gsurveys) are an exceptional, game-changing bargain.

But at $60,000 for a “completed survey,” DIY Google Consumer Surveys may not be the best research solution available to you.

In between $100 and $60,000 is where the vast majority of #gsurveys do-it-yourselfers will end up.

The question for every Do-It-Yourself would-be research scientist to answer is: at what point does it make sense to involve a research professional?

If you knew that you were able to ask a great (answerable) question, and you knew you were going to get back from Google great data, right away, for $100, then doing it yourself, using Google Consumer Surveys, is a no-brainer. Knock yourself out.

But how do you know those things? Where is the tipping point, when it costs less to hire a professional than it does to Do It Yourself? We welcome your thoughts.


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