Philadelphia Broadly Supports NCAA $60 Million Fine Against Penn State, Removal of Joe Paterno Statue, But Opposes Other Sanctions

SurveyUSA Operations - 07/24/12 11:51 AM

By a 3:1 margin, Philadelphia-area adults agree with the NCAA’s decision to fine Penn State University $60 million, according to this SurveyUSA poll conducted exclusively for WCAU-TV, NBC10 in Philadelphia. The other three aspects of the NCAA’s sanctions are less popular:

* By 2:1, Philadelphia disagrees with the NCAA decision to vacate all of the University’s football wins from 1999-2011.
* By 3:2, there is disagreement with the decision to reduce the number of scholarships for the team.
* By 5:4, there is disagreement with the NCAA’s 4-year ban on post-season play. Penn State alumni and their immediate families are 10 points more likely than non-alumni to disagree with the post-season ban.

59% say the statue of Joe Paterno outside Beaver Stadium should have been removed; 52% say the school library name should not be changed from Paterno Library. 64% say the university will be able to restore its reputation. Alumni are 21 points more likely than non-alumni to say Penn State’s reputation will be restored.

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