Google Consumer Surveys Begin to Show up on Website

The Experts on Google Consumer Surveys - 07/26/12 07:00 AM

No takers so far on our earlier “calling all cars” post that asked if anyone had seen Google Consumer Surveys on websites other than Google is being secretive about how many publisher websites it has penetrated with its Google Consumer Surveys offering. On our own, we stumbled across, which attracts about 8,000 unique viewers a day.

This brings to only 4 the number of websites where we have ever seen a Google Consumer Surveys “wall” in the wild.

  1. The Lima News newspaper, in Lima OH,
  2. The Texas Tribune, a newspaper in Austin, TX.
  3. Adweek, a trade publication in New York City.
  4., a reference-desk website headquartered in Seattle.

If you have seen a Google Consumer Surveys wall elsewhere, please let us know.

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