Google Fixes 5 Problems with “Check Box” Question Type

The Experts on Google Consumer Surveys - 07/30/12 02:30 PM

One of the Original 7 question types that Google launched Google Consumer Surveys with was Check Box. Check box is a simple concept: you can check all the answers that apply. Yet as we have observed, Do-It-Yourself researchers continue to misuse the question type, thereby shooting themselves in the foot and throwing away their research dollars. Google addresses the problem with 5 fixes.

  1. Google has inserted an italicized line of instruction: “Check all answers that apply.”
  2. Google has added the ability for their to be 6 answer choices, including “none of the above.” Previously, there was a limit of 5 answer choices.
  3. Google has added a dotted line between the 5 “material” (substantive) answer choices and the “None of the above” sixth answer choice.
  4. Google has anchored in the 6th position a “None of the above” option. Even better: Google has hard-coded logic into place such that, if you choose “None of the above” as an answer choice, you cannot simultaneously choose one of the “above” answers. Vice versa, if you choose one or more of the “above” answers, you cannot simultaneously choose “None of the above.” This is a huge step forward, and (however simple it might appear) a big fix to a big problem.
  5. Google has edited the blue text at frame-bottom, from “I don’t know, show me another question,” (which is what it used to say), to “Show me another question,” which is what it now says.

These 5 changes, however subtle, are all steps forward.


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