SurveyUSA Extends Research Services to Newspapers; Teams with Industry Veteran Goldstrom to Head Growth

SurveyUSA Operations - 02/25/13 06:00 AM

CLIFTON NJ – February 25, 2013:  SurveyUSA®, one of the nation’s largest public opinion pollsters and most innovative market research firms, today announces that for the first time, SurveyUSA’s services will be available to America’s top newspapers and their web and mobile platforms on a subscription or a la carte basis.

“SurveyUSA is an invaluable, new resource for every multi-platform newspaper,” says SurveyUSA CEO Jay H Leve.

While SurveyUSA has polled over the past 20 years for many of the nation’s most respected newspapers, that business came to SurveyUSA from word-of-mouth referral, and never as the result of any proactive sales and marketing effort.

Today is the first day that SurveyUSA will assign full-time resources to help America’s premiere publications transition from print to digital multi-platform.

“As America’s marquee content companies grow their web and mobile presences, it’s more important than ever for them to measure Return on Investment,” Leve says. “SurveyUSA is uniquely set up to help content companies make sure each platform is pulling its own weight. Our hyper-local focus is 100% in sync with a modern newspaper’s growth strategy.”

Heading the expansion will be Mort Goldstrom, a newspaper-industry sales and marketing veteran, who joins SurveyUSA as Senior Vice President of Business Development. Goldstrom was most recently a Vice President at the Newspaper Association of America, and prior to that served in management capacities at Dow Jones and Knight Ridder.

“Mort Goldstrom is the exact right person to make sure every multi-platform newspaper in America is getting the best possible ROI for each platform,” Leve says. “SurveyUSA has a great story to tell. Starting today, newspaper publishers and newsroom executives will have their first chance to hear it.”

Leve and Goldstrom have known each other professionally for 30 years.

About SurveyUSA: SurveyUSA, America’s Ticker®, conducts full-service research for media, government, academic and corporate clients under exclusive contract. Publishers turn to SurveyUSA for local advertising recall studies, local readership research and digital effectiveness surveys. Innovative and nimble, SurveyUSA has completed 36,000 local research projects and has interviewed 25 million Americans, touching 1 in every 5 homes. SurveyUSA’s 20-year track record of local pre-election polling is unmatched. To learn more about SurveyUSA, click here.


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