Florida Teeter-Totter Tips Back Towards Scott, As News Novelty of Crist’s Running Mate Announcement Wears Off

SurveyUSA Breaking News - 08/05/14 11:49 PM

3 months till votes are counted in the 2014 election for Governor of Florida, incumbent Republican Rick Scott is a nominal 2 points atop Democratic challenger Charlie Crist, according to WFLA-TV’s latest tracking poll, conducted by SurveyUSA.

Scott is at 45% today, Crist is at 43%. Compared to a SurveyUSA WFLA-TV tracking poll 2 weeks ago, which was conducted during a time of positive news coverage for Crist, Scott is up 5, Crist is down 3.

Scott reaches the 50% support level among male voters today, the 1st time he has done so in 9 tracking polls going back to 04/15/14. Scott reaches 54% support among seniors, his highest support to date among voters age 65+. Independents today prefer Scott by 12 points. Moderates today prefer Crist by 21 points. Scott holds 81% of Republicans, 80% of conservatives. Crist holds 78% of Democrats, 76% of liberals.

Looking ahead to the election for President in the state of Florida in 2016, in hypothetical head-to-head match-ups today: Hillary Clinton defeats Rick Perry 50% to 40%. Perry and Joe Biden duel to an effective draw, 44% to 43%.

Cell-phone respondents and home-phone respondents included in this research: SurveyUSA interviewed 950 state of Florida adults 07/31/14 through 08/04/14. Of the adults, 859 were registered to vote. Of the registered voters, 576 were determined by SurveyUSA to be likely to vote in the 11/04/14 general election. This research was conducted using blended sample, mixed mode. Respondents reachable on a home telephone (75% of likely voters) were interviewed on their home telephone in the recorded voice of a professional announcer. Respondents not reachable on a home telephone were shown a questionnaire on their smartphone, tablet or electronic device.

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