America Favors White House Policy to Restrict Entry into USA from Certain Middle Eastern Countries, At the Same Time, Voters Nationwide Say The World Is Less Safe With Donald Trump in the White House

SurveyUSA Breaking News - 02/07/17 03:07 PM

39% of registered voters nationwide say America is more safe if individuals from certain Middle-Eastern countries are not allowed to enter the United States, according to SurveyUSA research conducted 02/06/17 and 02/07/17. Hearings in Federal Court are being held at this hour.

24% of Americans say the United States will be less safe if certain individuals are denied entry. 26% say the policy will make no difference.

At the same time, voters say the world is less safe with Donald Trump as President. 34% say Trump makes the world a safer place (including 85% of Strong Republicans but just 4% of Strong Democrats). 42% say Trump makes the world less safe (including 81% of Strong Democrats and 5% of Strong Republicans).

31% of the respondents to this survey are Republicans, 31% are Democrats, 36% are independents.

Moderates and independents are split on the President’s immigration policy. 33% of moderates say it will make the country more safe, 21% say it will make the country less safe, 35% say it will make no difference. 33% of independents say it will make the country more safe, 25% say less safe, 31% say no difference.

A plurality of voters of every education level are with the President. A plurality of voters from every income level are with the President. A plurality of voters in the Midwest, South and West are with the President. Voters in the Northeast are split.

1st -generation voters, whose parents were not born in America, narrowly oppose the policy; 36% say it will make America less safe, 34% say it will make America more safe, 22% say the immigration policy will not make a difference.

SurveyUSA interviewed 1,400 adults nationwide. Of the adults, 1,207 were registered to vote and were asked the questions here. Research was conducted online. Material statement from SurveyUSA here.

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