President Trump Seen ‘Very Favorably’ By 26% of USA Voters, Same Percentage as View TV Show Saturday Night Live ‘Very Favorably’

SurveyUSA Breaking News - 02/07/17 08:12 PM

SurveyUSA asks registered voters nationwide to react to today’s newsmakers on a scale from “very favorable” to “very unfavorable.”

26% of American voters view President Donald Trump “very favorably,” compared to 38% who view Mr. Trump “very un-favorably.” The survey interviewed an equal number of Republicans and Democrats.

Trump is seen “very favorably” by the same percentage of Americans who view the TV show Saturday Night Live very favorably: 26%. This is 8 percentage points less than the 34% of Americans who view former President Barack Obama very favorably.

Trump’s Democratic challenger, Hillary Clinton, is also viewed “very unfavorably” by 38%, same as Trump.

Trump is viewed very favorably by a majority of Republican voters. He is viewed very unfavorably by a majority of African American and Hispanic American voters and by 82% of those who describe themselves as “very liberal.”

SurveyUSA interviewed 1,400 adults nationwide 02/06/17 and 02/07/17. Of the adults, 1,207 were registered to vote and were asked the questions here. Research was conducted online. Material statement from SurveyUSA here.


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