40% in Portland Say Government Officials Doing ‘Poor’ Job Managing Region’s Traffic Congestion, But What Is The Solution? Majority See Toll Roads As A Dead End; Tepid Support for A Tax on Gasoline; 6 in 10 Say They Are Unwilling to Ride a Bicycle

SurveyUSA Breaking News - 139 days ago

One-fourth of those in greater Portland are rarely or never inconvenienced by traffic congestion, according to a SurveyUSA poll conducted for KATU-TV. But for the other three-fourths of area residents, congestion is seen as a bother (46%), a source of stress every day (22%), and the cause of ruination (3%).

3 times as many Democrats as Republicans want to see money spent on mass transit. Twice as many Republicans as Democrats say mass transit is a waste of taxpayer money.

27% say toll roads are a step in the wrong direction, and 26% go even further and call toll roads a completely wrong-headed approach (combined: 53% opposed to toll roads).

26% say an additional tax on a gallon of gasoline is a step in the wrong direction. 23% say higher gasoline taxes are a completely wrong-headed approach (combined: 49% opposed to higher gasoline taxes).

25% in greater Portland ride a bicycle “regularly” or “occasionally,” and that is the same percentage who say they may ride a bike if the price of gasoline gets too high and/or if road congestion becomes more unbearable.

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