Majority in USA Says Trump Guilty of Abuse of Power; Plurality Says Trump Guilty of Obstruction of Justice; 60% Say President Acted Recklessly in Sharing Classified Info with Russian Diplomats; On the Other Hand, Majority Nationwide Has No Confidence That Republicans in Congress Will Put Their Country Before Party

SurveyUSA Breaking News - 130 days ago

1 in 3 Americans nationwide say Donald Trump has committed a “high crime or misdemeanor” while serving as President of the United States. 53% of Americans say Mr. Trump is guilty of abuse of power. And 45% of Americans say Mr. Trump is guilty of obstruction of justice. All of that, according to the latest SurveyUSA poll of 1,500 adults.

Caution: This survey was conducted at a time of fast-moving, volatile and unpredictable news events; the findings could be obsoleted at any moment by significant changes in the known set of publicly-known facts. That caveat notwithstanding, here is what the thermometer says as SurveyUSA takes America’s temperature this Wednesday 05/17/17, after news reports that the President directly asked the FBI Director to let go of a criminal investigation into former National Security Director Michael Flynn:

82% of Democrats, 49% of independents, 23% of Republicans, 80% of African Americans, 74% of Hispanics, say Mr. Trump has abused his power.
76% of liberals, 46% of moderates, 21% of conservatives, 53% of 18-to-34-year-olds, say Mr. Trump has obstructed justice.

35% say Mr. Trump has committed a high crime or misdemeanor while serving as President, which would be grounds for impeachment under the U.S. Constitution. Yet, 48% say talk of impeachment is premature. 19% say talk of impeachment is timely, and 26% say talk of impeachment is overdue.

No impeachment can happen in a Congress that is controlled by Republicans unless Republicans have the will to act. Just 24% of Americans say that Congressional Republicans — led by Mitch McConnell of Kentucky and Paul Ryan of Wisconsin — will put their country before their political party. A majority, 56%, say Republicans will put their party before their country. Democrats can take no comfort in those findings. The country thinks Democrats are almost as bad: 33% have confidence that Democrats will put their country before their political party, compared to 47% who say the Democrats will put their party before their country. Congressional Democrats are led by Charles Schumer of New York and Nancy Pelosi of California.

On the essential triggering event, as to whether President Trump legitimately won the 2016 election, Americans are divided. 41% say Mr. Trump defeated Hillary Clinton fair-and-square. An equal number, 41%, say Mr. Trump was helped across the finish line. Protestants stand by the President: 54% say he was elected fair and square. Catholics, other Christian denominations and members of other religions and atheists are not so sure. Whites and minorities see the question in stark contrast. Those in urban America and those in rural America come to opposite conclusions about whether Hail to the Chief should be played for Hillary Clinton and not for Donald Trump.

At this hour, 43% of Americans say Mr. Trump will not serve a full term (36% because he will removed from office, 7% because he will resign the office). Another 30% say Mr. Trump will serve 1 full term. 18% (including disproportionately conservatives and pro-lifers), say Mr. Trump will serve 2 full terms.

Stay tuned.

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