Americans Worry About Their President: Majority Says Mr. Trump Sometimes Loses Touch with Reality; Majority Says Mr. Trump Cannot Be Trusted with Sensitive National Secrets; 37% Say Mr. Trump is Unable to Distinguish Between What is Real and What is Made Up; 1 in 3 Say President Trump’s Mental Health is Poor; Just 27% Say History Will View Him As a Patriot

SurveyUSA Breaking News - 124 days ago

As storm clouds darken by the hour, and in some quarters tornado sirens sound, Americans are deeply worried about the President of the United States, Donald John Trump, according to SurveyUSA’s latest nationwide survey.

In interviews conducted after news stories that Mr. Trump had asked FBI Director James Comey to let go of the criminal investigation into former National Security Administration head Michael Flynn, but before further troubling revelations that Flynn would not honor a subpoena from the U.S. Senate, before news broke that Mr. Trump knew Mr. Flynn was under criminal investigation before he hired him, and before news broke that the Department of Justice had appointed a Special Prosecutor to investigate Mr. Trump, SurveyUSA finds:

56% of Americans (including 1 in 4 Republicans) say Mr. Trump sometimes loses touch with reality, up from 49% in February. Just 26% say Mr. Trump sees the world as it is, down from 33% in February.

* Just 11% of Americans say Mr. Trump always tells the truth (down ever-so-slightly from 13% in February).
* A plurality, 43%, says Mr. Trump knows when he is telling the truth and knows when he is making things up (unchanged from February).
* 37% today say Mr. Trump is unable to distinguish between what is true and what is made up (up, but ever-so-slightly from 35% in February.)

* 33% say Mr. Trump can be trusted with sensitive national secrets, but a majority, 52%, say Mr. Trump cannot.
*¬†Earlier this week, Mr. Trump claimed an “absolute right” to release classified info to Russian officials when those officials visited him in the White House.
* 18% of Republicans vs 83% of Democrats say Mr. Trump cannot be trusted.
* 51% of independents and 56% of moderates say Mr. Trump cannot be trusted.
*¬†Besides Republicans and conservatives, Mr. Trump’s core supporters, only 3 constituencies at this hour say Mr. Trump can be trusted: Protestants, pro-lifers, and those who live in rural America.
*¬†Everyone else — North, South, East and West, male, female, young, old, military, non-military, educated or not — says Mr. Trump cannot be trusted.

*¬†While a plurality, 37%, describe Mr. Trump’s physical health as good, a plurality, 33%, describe Mr. Trump’s mental health as poor.
* Just 27% say Mr. Trump will go down in history as a patriot. 53% say history will record Mr. Trump as something else.

1,500 adults were interviewed nationwide on 05/17/17. Cellphone and home phone respondents were included.

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