Majority in San Diego Says Trump Has Abused Power, Was Reckless To Share Information With Russia; Split Evenly on High Crimes / Misdemeanors

SurveyUSA Breaking News - 124 days ago

41% of San Diego area adults say President Donald Trump has committed a high crime or misdemeanor while in office, which would be grounds for impeachment under the U.S. Constitution, according to this latest exclusive KGTV 10News / San Diego Union Tribune poll conducted by SurveyUSA. Meantime, while 45% say talk of impeachment is premature, 47% feel otherwise: 19% say talk of impeachment is timely, 28% say talk of impeachment is overdue.

45% of San Diego area adults say former FBI Director James Comey was fired because he was spending too much time on the President’s relationship with Russia; 24% say he was fired for not doing a good job; 13% say Comey lost his job for mishandling the Hillary Clinton email investigation. 46% say President Trump’s removal of Comey was an obstruction of justice; 38% say it was not. 56% say President Trump is guilty of abuse of power; 35% say he is not.

59% say the President acted “recklessly” when he shared classified information with Russian diplomats; 26% say he acted “wisely.”

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