Exclude Me From Future Surveys

If you do not wish to be included in future SurveyUSA telephone research, let us know. We will exclude you from future phone research.

If we exclude you, you may not realize that you are giving up your right to be heard, and surrendering your voice to your neighbor.


  • In a dictatorship, no one would call to ask what you think.
  • In a Communist country, no one would call to ask what you think.

In America, we live in a Democracy. Here, ordinary people get a say.

  • You get a say in who your elected leaders are.
  • You get a say in what new products and services are developed.
  • You get a chance to rate and review the goods that are for sale where you shop.

In America, the heads of government and the heads of big corporations care very much what you think. You may only have a few chances to tell them what is on your mind, but one of those chances occurs when you participate in an opinion research study, such as those conducted by SurveyUSA.

If SurveyUSA rings your phone, it’s because we want to make sure you, personally, have a chance to be included in one of our public opinion surveys on what Americans think. This is a special honor, since very few Americans are chosen for inclusion on any given survey. If we dial your phone number to be included in a survey, you speak for thousands of other Americans. What you tell us will help us understand exactly what you, and thousands of Americans like you, think.

If you hang up on us, then you surrender your say.

If you hang up when SurveyUSA calls, in effect, you are telling us:

  • It’s ok for my neighbor to speak for me.
  • My neighbor feels the same way I do about how the government is run.
  • My neighbor feels the same was as I do about taxes, and terrorism, and social security.
  • I surrender my voice to my neighbor.
  • My neighbor drives the same kind of car that I do, and so my neighbor can tell you what features are important for new cars to have.
  • My neighbor has the same amount of money that I have, so my neighbor can tell you what things should cost, and when things are too expensive.
  • My neighbor has the same illnesses that I do, so my neighbor can tell you about what medicines drug companies should develop, and which medicines the drug companies should stop working on.
  • My neighbor can speak for me about what kind of prison sentence should be given to criminals.
  • My neighbor can tell you whether next president should be a Republican, a Democrat, a Libertarian, or a Green candidate.
  • My neighbor can tell you whether taxes should go up or go down.
  • My neighbor can tell you whether global warming is real, or made up.
  • My neighbor can tell you whether abortion should be legal or illegal.
  • My neighbor can tell you whether I should be allowed to own a gun.
  • My neighbor can tell you whether it is OK for me to smoke in my car.
  • My neighbor likes the same foods that i do, and drinks the same drinks that i do, so my neighbor can tell you what restaurants should put on their menus, and what they should charge.
  • My neighbor can tell you all about immigration, he’s smarter than I am on that topic.
  • Just ask my neighbor.
  • My neighbor speaks for me.

When SurveyUSA calls, this is your chance to speak up, your chance to be counted, your chance to make sure your voice is heard.

  • If you have ever had the thought: “No one cares what I think,” you are wrong.
  • If you ever had the thought: “What I think doesn’t make any difference,” you are wrong.

What you think really does matter.

It matters to SurveyUSA. It matters to your elected leaders. It matters to the businesses who are trying to develop exactly the products and services that would make your life easier.

What you think, and what you tell us, is a critical part of how this great nation functions.

Making sure we include you in SurveyUSA’s public opinion polls is your insurance policy that you do have a voice in this Democracy. We reach out to you, so that not just the richest, or the best educated Americans have a say in how the country is run. SurveyUSA wants to make sure that all Americans have an equal voice.

That’s why we call you.

It’s integral to the Democratic process. A beautiful thing, really, when you step back and think about it.

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