Hyper-Local Polling

No research company has carved as precise a niche in local and hyper-local polling as has SurveyUSA.

We are proud of the nationwide surveys we conduct — but there are many research companies who compete with us in this space, and a number who distinguish themselves with consistently good work.

However, SurveyUSA is aware of no other research company that can match the local and hyper-local research credentials of SurveyUSA.

SurveyUSA polls in more local geographies, more often, than any other pollster.

When SurveyUSA was founded in 1990, we built the company from the ground up to survey local markets.

Prior to SurveyUSA, small businesses, regional businesses and local TV stations had no affordable way to survey their community.

SurveyUSA solved that problem.

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SurveyUSA’s proprietary technology makes it both effortless and affordable for local businesses, local governments, local non-profits and local media companies to set up regularly recurring tracking polls.

If you need scientific, projectable research conducted of a …

  • Zip Code
  • City
  • County
  • Metropolitan area
  • DMA
  • ADI
  • State

… you cannot do better than SurveyUSA.


  1. A client who has rolled out a new product in select grocery stores in three geographically diverse, tightly circumscribed areas shows SurveyUSA a map of exactly where the stores are located. The client describes an advertising campaign that is planned. SurveyUSA designs three separate pre-ad campaign studies and three separate post-ad campaign research instruments, and then tailors the field period so that the pre-campaign is in the field immediate before the advertising starts, and the post-campaign is in the field immediately after the campaign ends. Each geography is tiny — a handful of zip codes. But SurveyUSA is able to laser target the hyper-local geographies and gather timely data for the client’s evaluation.
  2. A town of 7,000 is divided on whether to use tax dollars to replace grass at the town’s one high school with artificial turf. Both those in favor, and those opposed, claim that a majority agree with them. A hyper-local place-blog that covers the town, asks SurveyUSA to referee. SurveyUSA interviews residents likely to vote in a special election. Few residents are expected to vote. If turnout is heavy, maybe 1,700 votes will be cast, total. The challenges for a public pollster are enormous when the geography is this small. SurveyUSA predicts the measure will be defeated 4:1. The measure is defeated 4:1. Bullseye.
  3. A town of 19,000 is divided on whether to allow casino gambling. The town calls a referendum. No one knows how it will come out. SurveyUSA polls the town and finds 65% support for the casino. The referendum is held: 64% vote in favor of the casino. Bullseye.
  4. A TV station hears from certain viewers that they cannot get a clear picture. The station determines that the complaints appear to come from just one small part of town. The station hires SurveyUSA to poll different parts of the viewing area, and compare the clarity of the received TV signal from one part of town to another. Armed with this data, the station adjusts its antenna and solves the problem.

If your focus is local, and your problems are local, no one has more experience than SurveyUSA designing research to provide actionable solutions.

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