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  • For Comment or Actuality: Jay H. Leve, CEO, typically beepable 7 am ET to 11 pm ET, at 1-800-786-8000 ext 551. Email
    • Leve has written extensively about election poll accuracy, election poll sampling, election poll measurement and election poll weighting.
    • Leve is a trustee at the National Council on Public Polls (NCPP ).
  • Overview: SurveyUSA is the largest independent media pollster firm in the USA. SurveyUSA conducts opinion polls for media, academic institutions, governments and government agencies.
  • Founded: 1990.
  • First polls conducted: 1992.
  • Completed:
    • 36,000 discrete research projects
    • 24 million completed interviews.
  • Headquarters: Clifton, New Jersey.
  • Clients: Largest media companies in the USA, governments and government agencies, corporations, non-profit organizations.
  • Registered Trademarks: America’s Pollster®; Proud to be America’s Pollster®.
  • Number of separate election contests polled:785 (as of 11/01/07), a larger number of contests than any other opinion pollster.
    • Some opinion pollsters poll in just one geography; others poll just one type of election contest. SurveyUSA polls in more varied geographies, and polls more discrete types of elections, than any other pollster.
  • Absence of Bias:SurveyUSA is independent. SurveyUSA keeps meticulous track of whether its polls are too Democrat or too Republican. SurveyUSA alone among polling firms, publishes the results of these studies.
  • Accuracy:SurveyUSA publishes a report card after each election contest, so SurveyUSA’s performance can be measured in absolute and relative terms. No other opinion pollster, academic or commercial, completes as comprehensive a reckoning as does SurveyUSA following each of the election contests it completes. SurveyUSA has published scholarly analysis of the performance of the nation’s pollsters.
  • Independent validation: SurveyUSA’s methodology has been validated continuously since 1992. In 1999, the research company NPD, of Roslyn, NY, undertook a parallel study in which 90,000 interviews were completed, to compare U.S. mail to traditional telephone to professionally voiced polls. The White Paper that was prepared by NPD is available for your inspection. Request the White Paper.
  • Mailing Address: 1360 Clifton Ave #221, Clifton NJ 07012.
  • Fax: 888-857-8500.
  • Ownership: SurveyUSA is privately held.

1360 Clifton Ave #221, Clifton NJ 07012.

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