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Have a research emergency? Turn to SurveyUSA.

Need answers immediately? Turn to SurveyUSA.

Other research companies conduct fast-turn research on an exception basis. They are designed to be slow, but they can try, if you push them, to be fast.

By contrast, SurveyUSA was built from the ground-up — with custom-written, proprietary software, with massive capacity — to explode when asked, to turn on a dime when needed.

Yes, SurveyUSA understands that certain research does take weeks to design, weeks to pre-test and weeks to field. We conduct many such studies, and appreciate our competitors who specialize in doing these projects.

But too often, clients who are desperate for data, must delay making critical business decisions because their research vendor is simply not set up to turnaround their requests as quickly as they need. Worse, they may have to guess, in the absence of data.

At SurveyUSA, we believe: “data today” is better than “no data today.”

When unexpected events happen, that affect your marketplace and/or your brand, and you need to measure reaction to those events right now, put SurveyUSA to work.

Separately: When pre-planned events happen, and there is a race to measure reaction after the pre-planned event — such as the race there is to gather reaction immediately following a Candidate Debate, or immediately following the unveiling of a new commercial, or the premiere of a new newscast — SurveyUSA delivers.

Our specialty is “Just-In-Time” Research — research that you could not have taken yesterday, because the events that trigger the research had not happened yet, and research that you cannot take tomorrow, because tomorrow is too late. SurveyUSA specializes in research that must be conducted right now.

Minutes after the first debate in the 2004 Presidential Election

  • ABC News completed one poll of 531 debate watchers.
  • CNN completed one poll of 615 debate watchers.
  • CBS News completed one poll of 655 debate watchers.
  • NBC News did nothing.
  • SurveyUSA completed 35 separate polls in 35 separate geographies, of 14,872 debate watchers.
    • NBC affiliates in Seattle, Salt Lake and Denver had scientific SurveyUSA reaction in-hand minutes after the debate, while Tim Russert and Chris Matthews pondered how many DailyKos bloggers had stuffed the ballot box at the MSNBC website.

This breathtaking breadth and depth is what distinguishes SurveyUSA from all other research firms.

And it has been true for more than a decade.

The day O.J. Simpson was found “Not Guilty” of murder, October 3, 1995 …

  • ABC News completed one poll of 612 Americans.
  • CNN completed one poll of 639 Americans.
  • NBC News completed one poll of 742 Americans.
  • CBS News completed one poll of 1,241 Americans.
  • SurveyUSA completed 26 separate polls in 26 separate geographies, of 15,652 Americans.

It is almost impossible to retrofit a research company that was built to move slowly and turn it into something nimble.

By contrast, SurveyUSA was built from Day 1, from the ground-up, with the understanding that data is perishable.

“Data today” is better than “no data today.”

When you have a research emergency, when you find yourself in a Research911 situation, put the research expediters at SurveyUSA to work for you.

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