SurveyUSA has spent millions of dollars developing SurveyQSA, the the proprietary questionnaire development software, interviewing software and reporting software that SurveyUSA uses to conduct SurveyUSA telephone research.

SurveyQSA brand software permits SurveyUSA to undertake surveys of extraordinary complexity.

SurveyQSA allows SurveyUSA editors to create your project using a visual flowchart. At any point in the survey, unrestricted logic boxes and conditional branching can exist. This permits SurveyUSA to complete research projects routinely which require us to to make a decision, in real-time, based on what a respondent has said to that point in the survey.

For example, a logic box can dictate:

  • If the respondent is a male, in his 20s, who drives a Chrysler, but does not attend church, then go to Question ‘n’. Other respondents go to question ‘r’.
  • For those respondents who watch Channel 2 news at least twice a week, and who have visited the Channel 2 website at least 3 times, and who have children living at home, take 41% down this branch of the survey, and take 59% down that branch of the survey.

SurveyQSA stores all SurveyUSA poll questions, as they have been asked, in past research, so if we need to re-create exactly what a respondent heard, on a particular survey, we can do so. No matter how good your research company is, unless your vendor is logging 100% of all phone calls out of the Call Center, they may not be able to re-create what was said to a particular respondent. More likely, your research company may not even have its own Call Center. Most research companies outsource interviewing to a 3rd Party. At that point, there is no telling what a respondent may have heard.

For tracking research, where SurveyUSA wants to ask the identical question at spaced intervals, such as once a month or once a quarter, the respondent hears the question the ‘nth’ time the survey is conducted identically to how the respondent heard the question asked in the 1st survey.

SurveyQSA answer-choice rotation with ancho-lock capability, allows SurveyUSA to randomly list a series of answer choices to respondents, including the ability to anchor certain choice(s) into the “last” position, such as “not sure,” “undecided,” or “some other brand,” which can be always read last, no matter how the other answer choics are randomized.

SurveyQSA geo-coding permits SurveyUSA to match, in real-time, a given phone number to the closest SurveyUSA media client, so each respondent hears the survey introduced by a TV news anchor familiar to them. The result is higher levels of cooperation.

SurveyQSA report templates are custom designed from the source code, to give SurveyUSA clients un-matched transparency into their research data.

SurveyQSA tracking graphs with pull-down windows allow you to dynamically generate time-series data against any demographic sub-population. No other research company offers this kind of flexibility and horsepower.

SurveyQSA is built from the ground up with SurveyUSA’s demanding client obligations in mind. The system is infinitely scalable, so that SurveyUSA can run as many simultaneous research projects as necessary to fulfill on client requests. SurveyUSA

Best of all, SurveyQSA is tightly integrated into all SurveyUSA processes. This means: if you have a Research911 emergency, and you need answers fast, the full power of SurveyQSA is available to you, the moment you engage us. SurveyQSA is deployed across SurveyUSA’s entire network. All phone lines have full capabilities, not just selected lines.

No other research company, of any size, has SurveyQSA brand proprietary software, a SurveyUSA exclusive.

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