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SurveyUSA conducts opinion polls for TV stations. We started in 1992. We have completed 30,000 research projects, and interviewed 30 million Americans. Today, we are the largest and most-active media pollster in the United States.

Media clients typically sign long-term exclusive contracts with SurveyUSA to prevent their competitors from using the service in the same marketplace.

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Millions of Americans see the results of SurveyUSA research each night on the news. Approximately 50% of Americans live in a location where SurveyUSA poll results are regularly featured.

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SurveyUSA revolutionized the public opinion polling business not once but twice.

First, in 1992, SurveyUSA made it possible for media organizations of all sizes to order true random-sample research, of any geography, on a topic of local, national or international interest, at a moment's notice, and get back results the same day, in time for that night's news deadline.

Prior to SurveyUSA, the fastest opinion polls took 72 hours to complete, and cost about $7,200. SurveyUSA reduced the turnaround time and cost by an order of magnitude, without a sacrifice in quality. Not every research project can or should be completed in one day; many research projects require a longer field period. But: when news breaks, and media need to get projectable, scientific reaction, they turn to SurveyUSA. Only SurveyUSA specializes in fast-turn breaking-news polls.

Second, in 1996, SurveyUSA further leveraged the efficiencies it had introduced to the research industry by offering its long-term contract clients the ability to conduct an “unlimited” number of research studies for one pre-set price. Unheard of then, and still not offered today by another firm of any size, SurveyUSA unlimited research gives decision makers a way to get answers to critical questions without negotiating price or awaiting corporate approval project-by-project.


SurveyUSA clients can ask any type of quantitative (multiple-choice, closed end) question and qualitative (unstructured, open-end) question. Responses to quantitative questions are tabulated and graphed. Responses to qualitative questions are captured "verbatim" from the respondent and presented to the client in .wav audio file format.

SurveyUSA researchers will always recommend the appropriate field period for a given piece of research. Many of our surveys, on fast-changing news stories, are ordered and completed same-day. Other projects extend over 7 days. And there is every variation in between.

SurveyUSA pre-election polls are typically conducted over 3 consecutive nights, sometimes 4.

SurveyUSA tracking polls are typically taken at evenly spaced intervals.


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