Results of SurveyUSA Election Poll #13351
In NC, Obama Picks-Up Larger Share of Edwards' Voters; Jumps to 10-Point Lead Over Clinton: In a Democratic Primary in NC today, 02/12/08, 12 weeks to the vote, Barack Obama edges Hillary Clinton 50% to 40%, according to a SurveyUSA poll conducted exclusively for WTVD-TV Raleigh. Compared to a SurveyUSA tracking poll released 1 month ago, when John Edwards was still in the race and polling at 21%, Clinton is up 8 points, Obama is up 14 points. Among women, where Clinton lead by 26 points in November, the contest is now tied. Among men, where Clinton had led by 21 points in November, Obama now leads by 18. In Charlotte, where Clinton led by 29 points in November, the contest is now tied. In Raleigh and Greensboro, Obama had trailed by 17, now leads by 16. In Southern and Coastal NC, Obama had trailed by 33, now tied. Could November have been so long ago? Yes: Obama and Clinton were tied among black voters in November. Today, Obama leads by 65 points. Among whites, Clinton has always led, and remains today up 19. Among voters under age 50, Clinton had led by 13, now trails by 18. Among voters age 50+, Clinton had led by 31, now tied.
Filtering / Timing: 2,000 state of NC adults were interviewed by SurveyUSA 02/11/08. All interviews conducted after results of Louisiana, Nebraska and Washington state known, but before results of Virginia, Maryland and District of Columbia known. Of the adults, 1,669 were registered to vote. Of them 580 were determined by SurveyUSA to be likely to vote in the 05/06/08 NC Democratic Primary. Results from VA, MD, DC, OH, WI and HI in February, and of the OH, TX, RI and VT primaries in March, and the Pennsylvania Primary in April, can and will color what happens in the NC Primary in May.
If the Democratic Primary for President of the United States were today, would you vote for...(names rotated) Hillary Clinton? Barack Obama? Or some other Democrat?
580 Likely VotersAllGenderAge<50 / 50+RaceParty AffiliationIdeologyRegion
Credibility Interval: ± 4.2 pct pointsMaleFemale18-3435-4950-6465+18-4950+WhiteBlackHispanicOtherRepublicDemocratUnaffiliConservaModerateLiberalCharlottRaleigh South &
Composition of Likely Voters100%46%54%17%30%31%22%47%53%60%34%2%4%0%93%7%17%38%22%32%52%17%
** Too few respondents of this type were interviewed for this data to be meaningful.