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  11/21/14   Poll #21956   KFSN-TV (Fresno)   Fresno-Visalia DMA
  Q President Obama spoke to the nation last night. Did you hear the speech or news coverage of it?
  Q There are two separate items we want to ask you about. What the president is doing. And the way in which the president is doing it. ...
  Q Now whether or not you agree or disagree with what the President announced, do you think the president of the United States has the...
  Q Let me now ask you some questions about immigration in general. How serious of a problem is illegal immigration in this country? ...
  Q Which of these 2 statements do you agree with more? Immigrants today strengthen our country because of their hard work and talents....
  Q What should the United States do with undocumented immigrants who now live in the United States. Should they be allowed to stay in the...
  Q Should there be a path to United States citizenship for ... none of those who are in the country illegally, some of those who are in...


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