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  10/22/14   Poll #21849   KATU-TV (Portland)   Oregon
  Q Which of the following statements best describes you: One: I was going to vote for Kitzhaber and I STILL am going to vote for...


  10/16/14   Poll #21802   Gannett Broadcasting, Inc. ()   USA 50 States
  Q How closely are you following news stories about the Ebola virus? Very closely? Somewhat closely? Not very closely? Or not at all...
  Q Has the federal government done enough to ensure Ebola does not become widespread in the United States? Or does the federal government...
  Q Which of the following is your main source of information about Ebola? Local TV news? Cable news? The radio? Newspapers or magazines?...
  Q How informed do you feel regarding the facts about Ebola? Very well informed? Somewhat well informed? Not very well informed? Or not...
  Q How well do you think researchers understand how Ebola is spread? Very well? Somewhat well? Not very well? Or not at all well?
  Q How prepared do you think America is to deal with isolated cases of Ebola? Very prepared? Somewhat prepared? Not very prepared? Or...
  Q How prepared do you think America is to deal with a widespread outbreak of Ebola?
  Q Have you made any changes to your daily routine because of the Ebola virus?
  Q Should airports conduct health screenings of ... ALL passengers coming from places where Ebola is present? Should airports screen SOME...
  Q How concerned are you that you personally will catch Ebola? Very concerned? Somewhat concerned? Not very concerned? Or not at all...


  10/15/14   Poll #21778   KGTV-TV (San Diego), U-T San Diego ()   CA 52nd CD
  Q Is your opinion of Carl DeMaio ... favorable? Unfavorable? Neutral? Or, do you have no opinion one way or the other?
  Q Have you been following recent news stories about a former DeMaio campaign aide?
  Q Do you believe the aide's story?
  Q Does the story make your opinion of DeMaio ... more positive? More negative? Or does it make no difference either way?


  10/14/14   Poll #21793   KFSN-TV (Fresno)   Fresno-Visalia DMA
  Q How familiar with you with California's Cap and Trade program?
  Q Before we tell you anything about Cap and Trade, do you have a favorable impression of the program? An unfavorable impression of the...
  Q Starting in January, Cap and Trade will add a new tax to the cost of gasoline in California. No one knows exactly how much the tax...
  Q If the California state legislature does nothing, this new gas tax will go into effect in January. Would you like to see the...


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