How Important is Vice Presidential Selection?

SurveyUSA Breaking News - 03/25/08 04:00 PM

SurveyUSA asked, for each of the 3 remaining candidates for President:

“Will you vote forĀ [candidate name] no matter who he/she picks as a running mate? Will you vote against [candidate name] no matter who he/she picks as Vice President? Or are you not sure until you know who the running mate is?”

Answer: Between 12% and 40% of registered voters will be influenced by a candidate’s selection of running mate. There are many ways to digest the poll results that follow. As a result, SurveyUSA sorts the results 3 different ways. To access the individual state-level detail, and complete SurveyUSA crosstabs, click the graphic, then click the individual state abbreviation in the new window that opens.

Significance of VP to each presidential candidate as of March 2008

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