In Kentucky’s Third District, Democrat Yarmuth Well Ahead of Republican Northup in ’06 Rematch

SurveyUSA Breaking News - 06/09/08 09:56 PM


SurveyUSA’s exclusive polling for Louisville’s WHAS-TV shows incumbent Democrat John Yarmuth 17 points atop Republican Anne Northup in the US House race in Kentucky’s 3rd Congressional District. Northup held the seat for five terms, beginning in 1996; Yarmuth won the seat by a 3-point margin in November of 2006.

Today, it’s Yarmuth 57%, Northup 40%. Northup runs 8 points weaker today than she did in 2006, when she lost to Yarmuth 51% to 48%. Yarmuth runs 6 points stronger than he did in 2006. In between 2006 and today, Northup run for Governor of Kentucky and lost in the GOP primary to then incumbent Ernie Fletcher.

WHAS political reporter Mark Hebert, pictured, has more here.

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