USA’s 2nd Largest Retailer Experiments with the Google Consumer Surveys Research Tool

The Experts on Google Consumer Surveys - 05/09/12 07:00 AM

Big retail guns are starting to fire-off rounds, to test the mettle of Google Consumer Surveys (#gsurveys). Target Corporation (#33 on the Fortune 500 and 2nd-largest retailer in the USA behind Walmart) is now in #gsurveys rotation with this Hub-Spoke configuration, asking basic satisfaction questions. Remember that with Google Consumer Surveys, no one respondent sees more than 2 total questions. All respondents would see the red boxed “Hub” question first, and then, if the respondent answers that he/she has shopped in a Target in the past 6 months, he/she sees one of the purple-boxed “spoke” questions. But only one.

Target’s research budget, on anyone’s scale, would pretty much be considered “unlimited,” so Target can afford to hire the largest, best market researchers in the world to do its bidding. It is striking to us that Target is  one of Google Consumer Surveys #gsurveys early adopters.

Reminder that because no one respondent answers more than one purple question, it’s impossible to cross-tab “How likely are you to continue to shop at Target?” … with “How does Target value you as a customer?” Results from those 2 questions do not intersect in the answer set.

What’s your best guess: is Target conducting this research with the cooperation of its market research partners? Or behind the back of its market research firm(s)? If you had a large annuity market-research contract with Target to do customer satisfaction work, would you be nervous? Or would you see #gsurveys as an opportunity to be more nimble in response to fast-changing market conditions?

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