In Nevada, Cell-Phone Respondents are 17-Points Blue-er Than Home-Phone Respondents, Marist finds

SurveyUSA Breaking News - 06/01/12 07:00 AM

Cell-phone respondents are 17-points more likely to vote for Barack Obama in Nevada than are home-phone respondents, according to the latest NBC News / Marist College poll, released 05/31/12. When Marist proportionally blends the cell-phone respondents and the home-phone respondents, Obama leads in Nevada by a nominal 2 points. The cell respondents account for all of the President’s advantage.

Polls that exclude cell-phone respondents cannot be defended in 2012. Pollsters who claim to include cell-phone respondents but who do not disclose how many cell respondents, nor how the cell respondents vote, should.

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