Is Nikon 1st to Prostitute Google Consumer Surveys for Sales Purposes?

The Experts on Google Consumer Surveys - 07/24/12 07:00 AM

The opinion research industry has a term, SUGGING, which stands for “Selling Under the Guise” of conducting opinion research. This is considered unethical and deceptive, because it can mislead a research respondent to think that his/her answers are being used for scientific purposes when in fact the sponsor of the so-called research is just trying to sell the respondent something.

Case-in-point: Nikon.

Nikon appears to be using Google Consumer Surveys to show research respondents images of its D90 camera, just for the sake of buying eyeballs, since there is no research question stated or implied. Respondents see only the cryptic instruction, “Choose one.”

But maybe there is more at work here than just the prostitution of research. Why? Well, the Nikon D90 is 4-years old, and was officially discontinued by Nikon in May 2011, 14 months ago. Why would Nikon want you to see images of the D90, when it could have chosen any of its more current cameras, in particular the D3200, which comes in a choice of colors, and would be tailor-made for Google Consumer Surveys side-by-side image testing?

Your thoughts on what Nikon is up to are most welcome.

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