Californians React to VP Debate: Independents Split, Moderates See Biden as Winner, But “Vote Swtichers” 3:2 Like Romney-Ryan

SurveyUSA Operations - 10/12/12 07:04 AM

1,000 California adults were interviewed by SurveyUSA immediately following tonight’s Vice Presidential debate. Of the adults, 701 watched the debate. Results of debate watchers:

48% say Joe Biden clearly won the debate.
41% say Paul Ryan clearly won the debate.
10% say there was no clear winner.

In a “blue” state such as California, it is not surprising to find that more Democrats watched the debate than did Republicans. Looking just at the reaction of Independent voters, Biden and Ryan battle to an effective draw: 44% Biden, 42% Ryan. Looking just a moderates, Biden is seen as the winner, 50% to 38%.

22% say they changed which candidate for President they support as a result of the debate. Of those who tell SurveyUSA they changed their mind:

30% switched from the Obama ticket to the Romney ticket.
29% switched from undecided to the Romney ticket.
A total of 59% switched to the Romney ticket.

20% switched from the Romney ticket to the Obama ticket.
20% switched from undecided to the Obama ticket.
A total of 40% switched to the Obama ticket.

53% say Biden is ready to be President, if needed.
46% say Ryan is ready to be President, if needed.

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