In FL, Steady As She Goes: Scott 2 Atop Crist for Gov; For POTUS in 2016, FL Stays Blue if Clinton Runs; FL Turns Red if Biden Runs

SurveyUSA Operations - 07/09/14 11:42 AM

With July 4 in the rear-view mirror, Republican Rick Scott finds himself a nominal 2 points atop Democrat Charlie Crist in the contest for Florida Governor, according to the latest WFLA-TV tracking poll. Compared to an identical WFLA-TV poll released 06/24/14, Scott is up 3 points, Crist is up 2 points. Scott had led by a nominal 1 point, now 2, largely unchanged. Scott’s 45% today is the highest he has polled in 7 WFLA-TV track points.

Looking ahead to the 2016 election for president in the pivotal state of Florida, hypothetical head-to-head polling by SurveyUSA for WFLA-TV shows the following:

Hillary Clinton 46%.
Rand Paul 42%.

Rand Paul 47%.
Joe Biden 39%.

Hillary Clinton 53%.
Marco Rubio 39%.

Marco Rubio 46%.
Joe Biden 43%.

Hillary Clinton 47%.
Jeb Bush 41%.

Jeb Bush 47%.
Joe Biden 38%.

As always, cell-phone respondents and home-phone respondents included in this survey: SurveyUSA interviewed 950 state of Florida adults 06/30/14 through 07/02/14. Of the adults, 849 were registered to vote. Of the registered, 558 were determined by SurveyUSA to be likely to vote in the 11/04/14 general election. This research was conducted using blended sample, mixed mode. Respondents reachable on a home telephone (73% of likely voters) were interviewed on their home telephone in the recorded voice of a professional announcer. Respondents not reachable on a home telephone (27% of likely voters) were shown a questionnaire on their smartphone, tablet or other electronic device.

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